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Man's Hilarious Way of Getting His 'Carry-On' to Fit on Spirit Airlines Is Going Viral

Look, if you're short on dough but you need to fly, Spirit Airlines is a good option. However, the cheap tickets come with drawbacks for some customers. Because they end up unbundling baggage fees from the cost of your ticket, you may get sprung with extra fees at the gate. Sometimes, flying can be a real ordeal!

That's what happened to professional skater and TikTok user @shaunhover, anyway. Because his skateboard was slightly too big according to Spirit's carry-on standards, he was going to have to check it and pay an extra...89 DOLLARS? Fed up with the sudden high fees, Shaun found a way to make his board fit their requirements.

That's... certainly one way to make it fit. We were kinda torn by this video. On one hand, it's maybe not the most mature way to handle the situation. On the other hand, though, hitting him with a nearly $90 fee last minute for a discrepancy of a few inches is ridiculous and bureaucratic. It's hard not to sympathize with him here.

"No what’s unnecessary, is a $90 surcharge because it was 2” longer," agreed @dddawsonm, stunned by the rigid standards. "That was unnecessary sir…now we won’t get our $89. 😳," said @adamschonyan1. Hehehe, we can imagine they were a little peeved that he found a loophole! "The most punk rock thing I’ve seen in a while 🤘🏼" praised @youmeandthetea.

We also thought he was kinda messing himself up by breaking his board, but apparently, this isn't a dealbreaker for most pro skaters. "Makes sense. You were able to bring your trucks and wheels and you can just get a new deck," commented @pollyhannah3. "fr cheaper to buy a new board than to pay them 😭," agreed @secrets.and.adventures. Alright, fair enough.

If only someone could develop a simple solution for this problem! "I’ve seen this way too often 😂… someone needs to invent a foldable skateboard," suggested @mikedanite. Get to it, skateboard designers!

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