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Man's Joke About Single People Traveling Through Airports Is Spot-On

If you fly a lot, you may have had something like this happen before. You're walking through the airport to your gate, and you pass by a super cute 10/10 hottie- and you freeze up because you have no idea how to approach them. While this might not be a totally universal experience, it's happened to many travelers, particularly single solo ones.

TikTok user @preston.johnson touched on that experience with a recent video. A person that was just his type caught his eye at the airport... and they were flying solo, too.

Preston is obviously joking a bit here, but it's also not just a joke. Sometimes there really can be a spark between two strangers, and it's hard to know how to approach it! After all, the description reads "Best way to slide?" so you know he's thinking about kicking off a conversation!

That's when commenters chimed in with their own advice... and most of them made similar recommendations.

"Just talk to her!:) I had a guy my age when I was flying alone started a conversation with him and we ended up sitting next to each other 😁" said @elliefrania. "I’ve heard of people connecting and ending up married from meeting on airports/plane rides together. Talk to her," agreed @capecodder529. "Say hello! I did and made a new friend at least!" commented

We're inclined to agree with these commenters. If you're flying solo and somebody strikes your eye, maybe try reaching out and chatting with them. If they're not interested, drop it and don't worry about it. But if they do end up talking with you, you might come away with a new friend- and maybe even something more.

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