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Dad's Comical Video About Recent 'Flight from Hell' Has Us in Stitches

We've all been on a flight that went a little rougher than we expected. Whether it was a delayed takeoff or landing, bumpy turbulence, or some other issue, not every flight goes off without a hitch! Like other inconveniences in life, though, the best thing you can do is laugh it off.

TikTok comedian Justin Tranchita (TikTok handle @boyvsgirlz) had a bit of a rough flight. Rather than get actually angry about it, though, Justin did a comedic stylized rant about his experience that put us in stiches! 

LOL! Real timely throwback with the Mario Andretti crack, there, Justin. We've all been there before. You know there's nothing that can be done, and the pilot isn't even to blame, but you just gotta crack wise and let off some steam about a rough flight! At least Justn knows how to come up with a good burn while doing it. 

Unfortunately for him, not all of Justin's viewers picked up on the fact that he was being facetious. "He’s circling because tower told him to…not his choice," corrected @krakatoahh. 'What flight school did you graduate from?" @scott75510 clapped back at Justin. "Lol. Tell me you don’t know aviation without telling me you don’t know aviation," roasted @cpilot52. People... this is all very informative, and some people can get ugly about their flight, but this is very clearly a joke!

Those more familiar with Justin's sense of humor were playing along. "You’re not supposed to tell the world we are looking for Arby’s. Now I’m gonna have to wait in an actual line at the drive thru," chided @pilotzach. "Mario Andretti? You’re dating yourself," roasted @teresa.elliott. "We just took Jetblue to Florida and it was horrendous. I think the pilot though he was in a Redbull flight competition," @jaysin207n978.

We certainly hope Justin's next flight is a little less eventful. If not, people are gonna lose their minds at that follow-up rant!  

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