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Video Tour of Singapore Airlines' Suite Class Is Legit Incredible

This is nicer than most people's living rooms.

We all know how luxurious first class can be, though it does vary from airline to airline — even if you haven't been lucky enough to experience it yourself, you've definitely seen photos (and, if you're like us, seethed with jealousy). But there's one airline who is taking the idea of luxury to the next level. How can any others compete?

Thanks to @princeoftravel on TikTok, we're getting a peek at Singapore Airlines' Suite Class. From the beginning of the video, we knew it was going to be fancy, since he was walking up an actual staircase to get to where his seat was. Each "seat" is actually a private area with a rotating chair that turns into a bed, and guests are served food like caviar and champagne while on board.

But it doesn't end there...

What truly blew us away were the bathrooms these passengers got to use. It's way bigger than most airline bathrooms, which are usually super cramped, and include a giant lighted mirror for anyone who might want to touch up their makeup while traveling. This is amazing! 

We don't even want to think about what this must have cost... though the man who posted the video did say he was able to book it using points.

People in the comments were definitely amazed, though, even if many were willing to acknowledge that a plane ticket like this is not within most people's reach. "I would need 2 travel budgets to pay only this flight!" one person wrote.

LOL! Hey, we can dream. For a long haul overnight flight, it's hard to argue that any other airline would give a better experience.