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Couple's Easy Hack for Sightseeing in London on a Budget Is a Total Must-Do

One of the biggest things tourists want to do when visiting any major city for the first time is see all the sights and check off all the famous landmarks on their bucket list. For that reason, tour buses are common tourist attractions, especially in cities like London, Paris, and NYC. However, like most attractions targeted towards tourists, there's a big markup and they're not the most budget friendly.

Want to go on a sight-seeing bus tour of London, but don't want to pay out the exorbitant price for a guided bus tour? If you want to save a heck of a lot of money- and don't care about having your tour narrated by a tour guide- this excellent London travel hack, shared with us by couple's TikTok account @ellandfox, will give you a cheap but excellent alternative!

This is genius! It's just your standard bus route, but one that goes past some of London's most iconic sights such as Big Ben, Trafalgar Square, and St. Paul's Cathedral. The price difference is shocking- because you're just paying standard bus fare, it's literally a fraction of the cost of a tour bus.

Locals also added their own sightseeing bus route recommendations. "Number 9 does have a historic route that runs with an old bus," @cliffanderson932 suggested. "And the 24 will take from Pimlico. Through Westminster, Trafalgar square, Camden market, right up to Hampstead heath where there are country walks" added @westminster23. Sounds lovely!

Of course, some felt that they would miss on the "guided" aspect of the tour. "But the tourist bus is so nice and gives you so much information that you would never know," @mpg4655 said. Luckily, @ellandfox had a great suggestion for that too: "You can listen to guided audio for £6.50 on public buses with Vox City 😃 link: … 10% off code: ELLANDFOX10." Hey, gotta plug your sponsor, respect- but seriously, this is so cool!

We hope this helpful insider info helps you save a little dough on any future trips to London!