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Man's Joke About Not Being Seated With His Sibling on the Plane Is Going Viral

We all feel this way when we don't get seats together.

Booking flights can be a little exhausting, and there are no guarantees that you'll get exactly the time or the seat that you want, especially if you're pressed for time or money (or both). Sitting apart from the people you're traveling with obviously isn't ideal, but it happens.

Popular TikToker @brentrivera recently shared what happened when he and his sister were separated on a flight, and we relate hard to this. Titled "When you don't sit next to your sibling on a plane," the acting is top notch here. The distress! The emotion! 

He's sad, his sister is sad, they're shooting each other the most heartbreaking looks from across the plane — surely, someone will trade seats with them! 

There are thousands of comments on the video, so obviously, this experience is resonating with a lot of people. Many of the commenters admitted they'd feel the same way in that situation.

"Worst feeling I swear. Then there's this random guy's sitting next to you and you're trying not to fall asleep on his arm," one person wrote, summing up basically all of our solo flying experiences. 

"Even though I always argue with my siblings it's so awkward when you're not sitting next to them on the plane," another commenter wrote.

Hopefully, these two have better luck next time they take a flight. And like many of the commenters pointed out, it may have actually saved them from having a fight while in the air.