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People's Unfazed Reactions to Sharks in the Water in New York Have Us Scratching Our Heads

Look, we get that most people don't want to spend their beach day baking on the hot sand without at least one dip in the cool waves. But when sharks are spotted swimming off of your beach, at that point you gotta write off swimming and give those sharks their space...unless you're ok with the risk of potentially becoming chum.

Most bathers, when they're told that there's sharks in the water, would get the heck out of the water as fast as they can! However, these swimmers at Rockaway Beach in Queens, NYC, captured here on video by TikTok user @whatisnewyorkofficial, seem to be taking their sweet time evacuating the water, despite the pleading of the lifeguards!

What is with their casual strolling out of the water? We'd be booking it! Have these people never seen Jaws? Maybe they're calm because the shark in that movie was in New Jersey... they're not worried about these New York sharks!

We're not the only ones that found their unfazed reactions unusual. "Why they shuffling and looking at you like you wrong for tryna keep them alive???" asked user @.sorceresss in the comments. Right??? "Some people have no self preservation," adds @victoriaann93. Some commenters even observed some bathers walking further INTO the water! User @pon_ni_ni.roll pointed this out: "Then you got people walking towards the sharks. At some point, we need to let Darwinism do it thing." Geez.

We even got some live reports from beachgoers on the scene. "I’m here and everyone is complaining about not being able to swim in the water. There’s sharks. GET OUT 😩." said user @thriftyweenqueen. At least we know ONE person stayed safe at the beach that day!

We also loved the one lifeguard's frank humor on the megaphone, and so did commenters. "Unless you want to meet the shark 😂," said one user, quoting the lifeguard. It was like he was roasting the swimmers for taking their time!

Look, when a lifeguard tells you to evacuate the water, you evacuate and you do it quick! And after all, we're technically there on the sharks' terms: "The water is not ours. It’s the sharks spot. We have to respect that," observed user @bx__bornbeauty. If you give the sharks space, they'll give you theirs.

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