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Video of Shark Right Along the Beach in Naples Makes Us Think Twice About Swimming

You might want to avoid the water!

The beach can be the perfect place to relax and soak up some sun, but like any other travel location, you definitely have to be aware of the dangers that present themselves with the ocean so nearby. Yeah, most of us know to look for jellyfish, but what about sharks? 

As it turns out, it might be more common to see sharks than we originally thought — and no, they don't always stay far away from the shore! As @bethanymorris13 shared on TikTok, you might have a better shot at swimming near a shark in the ocean than you'd expect. This is so scary!

In this video, which was taken in Naples, Florida, the water isn't deep at all where those tell tale fins can be seen. Luckily, the sharks seemed to want to be minding their own business that day, but we can't imagine how scary this moment must have been for the woman who took the video! 

It makes sense that this video went viral — she got so close to those sharks.

"In any body of water, you're either swimming with the gators or swimming with the sharks. Welcome to Florida," one person wrote.

It's definitely not unrealistic to think you might see a shark during your next beach day — even in areas that are busy with tons of visitors. Always keep an eye out, and stay vigilant. Safety comes first!