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Video of Crowds Stuck at Shanghai 'Disneyland' Due to COVID Concerns Is Unsettling

Here we go again.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic that shut down parts of the United States in 2020 has affected the entire world, the way that it's being handled today still varies from country to country. While many of the protocols that defined the early pandemic in the US are long gone,  other countries like China are taking a much different approach, instituting mandatory lockdowns when case numbers begin to rise. And now, in Shanghai, it sounds like that's happening again. 

In fact, some tourists were unable to leave Shanghai Disneyland earlier this week after protocols shut the theme park down, which meant that those who were already there couldn't leave until they took a negative COVID test. In footage shared by @cbsnews on TikTok, we can see that the crowd situation became rather unsettling after dark. 

In the video, we can see people lining the Main Street and castle area of the park in masks, likely waiting to find out when — and if — they can leave. It's hard to really fathom a situation like this, since nothing similar has happened in the US, but we have to imagine that it was becoming more than a bit stressful for guests.

Later, CBS News reported that, thanks to one positive case found in a person who had recently visited Shanghai Disneyland, around 400,000 people had to be tested before they could leave the park. Thankfully, they all tested negative, and were able to leave, though the process, of course, took hours to carry out. 

Other residents of Shanghai had to be tested as well. The news outlet reported that testing extended to around 1.3 million people, who had to stay at home on Friday before getting the all clear. 

As much fun as being locked in Disneyland sounds, in this case, it definitely a scary situation to be in. It's good to hear that everyone was healthy and able to leave.