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Students' Video Tour of Their 'Semester at Sea' Cruise Cabin Isn't Quite What We Expected

This is a little different than a traditional dorm.

We've all heard of studying abroad, leaving behind your home university to go spend a few months living in another country. But what if there was another adventurous way to make a college semester fun? Apparently, Semester at Sea is a thing — sponsored by Colorado State University, students who choose to can spend their semester on a cruise ship, visiting multiple countries while they earn college credit. Whoa! 

For those familiar with cruise vacations, their "dorm" for the duration will look familiar to you. It's a traditional stateroom, but with a bit of a twist to make it more comfortable for students who are sharing with roommates and studying and doing homework all in the same room. And thanks to @semesteratsea's TikTok account, we now have a tour of the room so we can see what it looks like.

The room includes a spacious bathroom (for a cruise ship, anyway), complete with a shower and storage area, along with three separate closets, which gives each person staying in the room their own space to store their clothes, albeit small. 

There are two bunk beds and one regular single bed, plus a TV and a small desk in front of a porthole so they can look out the window at the ocean while they do their homework! 

It's definitely a bit cramped, especially with three boys living in the room together, but we have to admit it's way cooler than a regular dorm — which, for the record, can definitely be just as cramped.

Anyone else wishing they could go back in time and spend a semester at sea themselves? This is so cool!