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Selena Gomez Gets Real About Wearing a Bathing Suit on Vacation and We're Cheering

Wear that suit with pride, ladies!

As much fun as vacations to the beach (or a resort with a really nice pool) can be, it's also a new opportunity to feel a bit self conscious. Not everyone is comfortable wearing a swimsuit in public, and it can be easy to feel like we should hide our bodies. 

In case you need a little confidence boost, leave it to body positive queen Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) to help you out with this one. In a video she shared on TikTok, she's reminding us of the attitude we should strive for when we hit the beach or the pool this summer.

In the video, Selena's lounging in an adorable one piece bathing suit as she lip syncs to audio that we really needed to hear right now. Someone's saying that she should "suck it in" while she's wearing a bathing suit, but she mouths the words, "I'm not sucking sh-t in." 

That's the truth! And out of the more than 16,000 comments she's received on her video, the vast majority of them are from people who can totally relate.

"You don’t realize how much this video helps us young women! Thank you!!" one of her fans wrote.

Another fan chimed in, commenting, "she’s the reason I'm so comfortable in my own skin." 

Every body is a bikini body if it's wearing a bikini... or whatever other type of swimsuit happens to be cute and comfortable. We all deserve to have fun in the water.