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Video of the Chaos at Las Vegas Airport After Security Breach Is Going Viral

Lately, we've been seeing videos of long lines piling up at airports' security checkpoints, sometimes stretching out for literal miles in extreme cases! Usually, this is because travel delays and lack of proper staffing and infrastructure have slowed down the security checking process in many locations. However, there are some notable exceptions to this.

TikTok user @sirpimpcup420 was just trying to fly out of the Las Vegas airport but found himself caught in a major security line. This was no ordinary long security line, though- it seems like literally the whole airport is lined up for security! See for yourself.

From just this small clip alone, we can see there are literally thousands of people in this line. The entire floor is filled with people! What in the world could have caused a pileup of this magnitude?

A couple of commenters offered an answer. "At 5 am several people ran through security and forced a shutdown and everyone getting re-checked via everything," explained @kapone.mamalis. Another user, @baberuthless1000, clarified further: "Something loud fell this morning and people thought there was an active shooter. Everyone was forced to go back through security. Chaos ensued." Yep... because several people rushed through security in a panic, the whole airport had to be rechecked. Good grief!

The brief shot of this line alone was still incredibly anxiety-inducing! "Brown paper bag. I NEED A BROWN PAPER BAG!"  cried @kellyrys5. Those poor travelers are in it for the long haul! As one user quipped: "Everyone who goes to Vegas, Stays in Vegas 😂😂"

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