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Woman's Video of 'Secret' Spot in London Has People Talking

One thing we travelers love is finding spots that are off the beaten track. Everybody is going to check out all the major tourist attractions, but it can be fun, and a bit of a brag, to be able to say "Well, I went to such-and-such place- it's a local favorite, you've probably never heard of it."

TikTok user and world traveler @dashakofman thought she'd give her followers a bit of an inside scoop on what she considered some of London's secret spots with a brief video series. However, her first choice proved to be a controversial one!

Speaking personally, over here on the American side, we had never heard of Neals Yard, and it looks to be a colorful and vibrant little spot! However, many commenters disagreed with the "secret spot" designation.

"Neal’s Yard is everything except a secret spot," said @hahahahacap. "'Secret spots in London' proceeds to show a touristic area full of people," remarked @sakuranamoravelho. "Lol imagine thinking Neals Yard is a secret spot 😅 It’s in all the tour guides babes," chided @jaimeelizabeth92.

Dasha has a good sense of humor about the whole thing, though, and joked with her followers. "Big Ben in part 2," said @almost.aga. "Buckingham Palace in part 3," Dasha quipped back.

She took the criticism well, though, and slightly altered the title of her TikTok mini-series: (Not So) Secret Spots In London!

We still think it's a valuable series: while it may not reveal London's biggest hidden secrets, it is still highlighting areas that are less well known to London tourists, compared to places like Buckingham Palace or Big Ben. Besides, while it's good to check out places that are a bit more obscure, you don't want to get too hipster with it, either. We'd love to hear about more of London's (not so) secret spots soon!