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Traveler Shares 'Secret' Plane Hack for Flying in Comfort

As travelers, we're always looking for ways to maximize comfort while flying. Unless you're shelling out big bucks for the best seats, plane rides are often cramped and crowded, and the more we can minimize discomfort on a long plane trip, the better. 

Take aisle seat arm rests, for example. TikTok travel vlogger @followmeaway was always sick of these immobile arm rests getting in her way- that is, until she discovered a "secret" hack to make them release!

Nice! This was honestly a real surprise for us- was it for you as well? We've often been annoyed by the seemingly fixed aisle arm rests when we're trying to scoot our way in and out of the seats. It's already tough enough to maneuver around as it is- is it just us, or do airplane cabins feel more cramped these days? 

 Being able to flip these up like the other armrests will definitely make some more space and free up a little more range of motion. We only wonder if the flight attendants would take issue with people using this hack... but then again, as long as the arm rest is back in the right position for takeoff and landing, they probably wouldn't mind!

Any little life hack we can use while flying is a welcome one, and as nice as airplane armrests are, sometimes they can get in the way. We're here for this simple but great plane hack- we know it's going to make life a lot easier for us the next time we're in the aisle seat!

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