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Man Explores 'Insta-Famous' Island in Lake Tahoe and Gets an Unexpected Surprise

Plenty of people visit Lake Tahoe each year for fun in the sun, water, and, of course, to get highly-coveted Instagram-worthy photos. And if you've ever checked out the Lake Tahoe hashtag, you might notice a trend popping up in pictures. In many of them, there is a lonely island that is seen in the background, and no one really knows what it is. 

In a new video that was shared on TikTok by @isaacexplores, this creator goes to Lake Tahoe and decides to kick things up a notch. Instead of taking pictures with this mysterious island in the background, he and his friends opt to go and actually explore the island. This adventure is straight out of a movie. You have to watch to see what this guy finds when he arrives, as it's quite unexpected. 

OMG! So after exploring the island, he saw what he thinks is a shipwreck off in the distance. This island looks right out of a movie! One comment from user @ocgdark said, "Why does it look like the island from Grown Ups?" It really does!  However, another commenter, @austin_at2004, is taking away from the allure of the island, saying, "It’s not a secret, it's in Lake Tahoe 😭. Thousands of people go there every year. It’s where some rich old person used to have tea with the friends". Many more people are reiterating this fact, like user @_cg_music_ who added, "EMERALD BAY TAHOE. The origin of the structure on the island is that it was owned these rich people that lived in the mountains, and would use it for."

Even if the island isn't what we all hoped it would be, there's still the shipwreck that the creator found. Luckily, he's promised that there will be a part 2 video once he's explored it a little more. Stay tuned.