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Secret 'Imaginary' Gate at Austin Airport Is Actually Pretty Cool

While the average airport is not really designed to be a tourist destination in and of itself, many airports have neat unique aspects or hidden surprises that curious travelers can seek out. Generally, gates and terminals can only take you to other destinations on this earth... but one secret gate in Austin is an exception.

TikTok user @lanathecowgirl takes us through the Austin airport to a hidden surprise that few people know about... there's an imaginary gate, distinct from the other gates at the airport! We don't want to give away too much though, so see it for yourself! 

So cool! The design of the gate is so beautiful and fairytale-like, and the enigmatic tickets to fantasy destinations sent our minds racing! Where could this fantastical gate take us?

"The way I've been here a million times and never noticed this," commented @ruffboiz. "I saw it and thought it was a literal like vip gate for some reason," said @desperatehousemice. That's the mysterious and magical thing about this gate... it's hidden in plain sight!

We were disappointed, though... we want to know where it would send you, but few in the comments had tried it, and for those who had, the ticket machine did not work! Unsatisfied with that, we did some digging of our own. Apparently, this gate lists hundreds of fantastic destinations, including Nightvale, Asgard, the Emerald City, and Gallifrey (the Doctor's home planet from Doctor Who)!

This gate sounds absolutely incredible. If you ever have a layover in Austin, visit this magical gate and see where it sends you!

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