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Woman Finds Secret Door in Airbnb and Can't Believe What's Behind It

They didn't find it until the very last day.

Staying in an Airbnb is a totally different experience from staying in a hotel. You often get an entire house or apartment to yourself, and all of the unexpected little quirks that come with it. It's true that some are plainly decorated, intended to easily clean and shuffle guests in and out in popular tourist areas, but others come with a bit of character that you just can't find anywhere else.

This point is very well proven in a video that one traveler, @gracegrundy_, shared on TikTok. While staying in an otherwise totally normal Airbnb, she discovered a secret door that lead somewhere she wasn't expecting. 

As they explained in the video, they didn't find the door until the last day of their stay, and it's easy to see why — just like the mysterious secret doors we've seen in movies, it blends in pretty well into the wall, with a shelf of books and trinkets acting as a pretty good disguise. 

But the bookshelf actually opens up to reveal another door, and thankfully, it was unlocked. That door led to a staircase, which actually lead to what seemed to be a pretty spacious (and fully decorated and furnished) extra level of the house. There's a fireplace, a living space, a kitchen... and it all looks ready for someone to move in. 

Whether or not they actually didn't know about the secret passage is still up for debate; according to commenters they mention it in the listing for the property on Airbnb, so they might just have missed it. It's a cottage called Wildernest and it's located in Wales, and the living space that the secret door led to actually can be rented out by other guests! 

Still, this is pretty fascinating — and a cool addition to an Airbnb for sure.