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Video of 'Secret Beach' in Lake Como Looks Straight Out of a Movie

One of the things that suck about going to the beach is you often have to fight through the crowds. Every time the weather heats up, the beaches are flooded with locals and tourists alike aiming to beat the heat. If you want a more private, quiet swim, you have to have inside knowledge of where the less well-known beaches are hidden.

TikTok user @beachbumblaine, as her name suggests, is a fan of a good beach trip. While she and her friends were visiting Lake Como in Northern Italy, she and her friends got a hot inside tip from a local on where they could find a 'secret beach.' Where they ended up looks simply magical.

Wow... so, we were conflicted by this video. On one hand, the secret beach they found looked absolutely gorgeous, and so nice and private too. On the other hand, normally if a stranger in an unfamiliar area told us they knew of a secret private spot, if only you'd just follow them on a long walk... through a dark tunnel... well, let's just say that Blaine and her pals are quite brave! LOL.

There is also a slight chance that they may have committed another faux pas: as @linda_spa suggested in the comments, "If you have to climb over a wall it’s probably private property." Oops! We may never know if that was the case, lol.

Still, we're impressed by the gorgeous quiet beach they found with a local's guidance.  But as for Blaine's desire to take a boat out on Lake Como, user @seancrowley37 has a suggestion: "Rent a boat w your friends on Lake Como. It's pretty cheap to split w a group and you don't need a boating license." Perhaps that'll be next on their agenda!

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