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Video of Mind-Blowing Security Line at Seattle-Tacoma Airport Has People Asking One Question

Over the summer, several videos went viral of extremely long TSA lines- some of them literally miles long- from all over the world from Hawai'i to Germany. After this viral video trend had died down, we wondered if the overall TSA situation in airports in general was getting better. Sadly, though, this doesn't seem to be the case.

That's right- we've got another terrible TSA line video, this one taken at Seattle-Tacoma airport. You won't believe where TikTok user @seattlerenos had to stand while they took this video.

That's right- they literally had to loop the line through the parking garage. So not only is this TSA line going to take hours, but now an entire level of the parking garage is unusable, too. At this point it feels as if lines this big and problematic are going to cause more issues than they really prevent. This is ridiculous!

The video is getting a lot of attention- it's currently at half a million views and growing- and one question seems to be on everybody's minds: WTF is going on?

"Why is it always like this," lamented @raystax. Literally, this exact situation keeps happening at airports all over. It's insane. "I think that 2 hour window is closed," quipped @katjustkat65. "Was just there last weekend on a Sunday and it was 2 hours in TSA line. Get there real early if you have a flight," shared @duggadad. It used to be that you'd get to your airport 2-3 hours before your flight. Nowadays, we're thinking maybe it's safest to just camp out there overnight.

"What happens if you have clear of TSA PRE check? Do you get to skip lol," wondered @kamilahcollins. The consensus answer was- yes, TSA PREcheck will save you here. "I got it and never looked back. $85 dollars for 5 years is a steal. My time is definitely worth that," @najdawod recommended. Those flying out of Sea-Tac have another option available as well: "Try SEA spot saver. I skipped a 2 hour long line completely," recommended @mariraem.

At this point, frequent flyers would do well to look into line-skipping options like these. It's crazy to think you essentially need a FastPass for the airport, but until things get better with TSA lines, it's your safest bet for speedy travel.