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Seagull Epically Photobombs Couple's 'Cute' Vacation Video

This is absolutely priceless.

When scrolling through apps like TikTok, it's pretty common to come across videos of people on vacation that make us want to book a trip right that second. Seeing couples lounging on the beach, drinks in hand, or friends on an amazing girl trip through Europe is enough to make us jealous! But we don't think much about the work that goes into creating those videos while people are traveling... even if it's just remembering to set up the tripod. 

And when one traveler on TikTok, @mickaela_mundell, wanted to create a cute video of her and her husband while they were on vacation, the footage she ended up with wasn't quite what she planned on. They got photobombed by a seagull, but we think this made the video even better than it would have been without their new bird friend! 

From the beginning of the video, we can see that she set up the camera to film her and her hubby cuddling by the water, and it looks like such a peaceful scene. It's then that a seagull starts walking directly in front of the camera, and it's almost as if he knows he's about to go viral online. This bird is fully posing, y'all. 

And he doesn't just walk by, either. He made himself the star of the video before he finally decided to fly away... and since the couple didn't turn around at any point, we have to assume that they didn't find out about their photo bomber until they watched the footage back later. That must have been so funny! 

So many people shared how much they are loving this video in the comments, including one person who called this "the best case scenario." 

"Bird said 'you will not be the main characters today,'" one commenter wrote.

This bird deserved his moment in the spotlight. If only we could all be so lucky!