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Cruise Expert Shares the One Thing People Hate to Find on Ships

We're nauseous just thinking about it.

For as many things as we love about cruising, it's not perfect — no vacation experience, even one on land, is. Like anything else in life, no matter how much planning and preparing we do before boarding a cruise ship, there are a lot of things that can go wrong on a cruise that are totally out of our control. The main one, though, would have to be the weather.

There's no guarantee that every day spent on a cruise ship is going to involve sunny skies and smooth waters, and if you've taken a cruise where the sea gets a little rough before, it's likely that this TikTok video is going to look a bit familiar to you. Frequent cruiser @emmacruises is sharing the one thing people hate to see the most on ships, and we can't help but agree with her on this one.

She's talking about sea sickness bags, which are left out in various public areas around the ship when the cruise is about to face rough waters that could result in people getting a bit motion sick. Nobody wants to be around people who are using those bags in a confined area, let alone feel the need to use one themselves... but we suppose it's best for everyone that they're readily available like this! 

Many people in the comments confirmed her statement that people hate finding these bags have been put out, with more than one claiming that their level of emetophobia would not be able to handle this. 

"Never a good sign! I've also seen them out when a stomach bug broke out on the ship," one person wrote. Yeah, a stomach bug breaking out on a cruise ship would be infinitely worse than a day or two of rough waters! 

Motion sickness can be a part of cruising for so many people, but if you come prepared with medication or items like sea bands, you'll likely be able to at least prevent the worst of it.