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Video of People Running in Fear From California Sea Lions Is Going Viral

Sea lions are a staple of the golden coast. If you go to a beach in California, you'll surely see these creatures roaming around. Usually, they keep to themselves and visitors can look from afar, but once in a while, apparently, they like to make it known that the beach is their turf, not ours.

A video that's going viral on TikTok and was shared by @favortown, shows an interaction gone wrong between beach goers and sea lions on a beach near San Diego. In the clip, you'll see the animals suddenly charging down the beach toward sunbathers. You can see everyone just running for their lives from these water animals. It's insane, look at how scared everyone gets!

LOL! This might make you think twice about visiting a California beach! These people were totally freaking out. Still, most people are 100% on the sea lion's side. TikTok user @highendhippy said, "Thank God… they need to take it back! We have so many beaches in San Diego, why did we open this to the public?" We can't help but wonder what the appeal to this beach was for the public if there are so many other places where sea lions don't take up residence.

People are really harping on this idea that visitors should steer clear of the sea lions. Another commenter, @missesmashnie, said, "Tourists can get way too comfy around the wildlife at the cove, so this video makes me happy". If you're looking to go to California, especially San Diego, you might want to do some research before hitting the beach. Leave the sand designated for sea lions alone.

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