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Video of Rare Sunset in San Diego That Happens Twice a Year Is a Sight to Behold

Little in nature is so simple yet staggering as the sight of a beautiful sunset to cap off a gorgeous day. A sunset gives off gorgeous color and incredible lighting- there's a reason why filmmakers call the time briefly before sunset "the golden hour." Photographers and filmmakers often try to maximize the beauty of a sunset by capturing it from a unique angle.

One such instance which inspires many photographers is the twice-yearly phenomenon known as Scrippshenge in San Diego, California. It's called Scrippshenge because it's one of the few times each year that the sunset aligns perfectly between the support beams of the Scripps pier. Professional photographer @nyes_eyes fought dozens of other photographers to get the perfect angle for a time-lapse shot of the most recent Scrippshenge sunset.

We can see why so many photographers were vying for a spot under the pier. That shot was perfect! The perfect symmetry between the ocean, the pier, and the setting sun makes for one of the most satisfying and photogenic sunsets we've ever seen!

This video went viral in just a couple of days, with over a million people staggered by the shot's beauty. "Earth is so beautiful 💗," remarked @xoxoelisabella.

The grandeur of these scene had some thinking about the span of the human experience over time. 'In a thousand years someone will speak on how we built that pier to worship the sun. And they gathered there 2x a year to watch it." mused @wtdaphnk. It's a funny thought, but it really does make you think!

This video even garnered some celebrity attention from an unlikely source! "Wonderful! 💚♥️🎅🏻" said @santajclaus- no really, Santa Claus's official TikTok account. Maybe the big guy likes to vacation in SoCal in his off season!

We hope to see more brilliant work soon from @nyes_eyes. That Scrippshenge shot was truly spectacular!

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