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View From 'Most Scenic Coffee Shop' in Ireland Is So Beautiful It Almost Looks Fake

We could seriously sit there all day.

One of the things we look forward to most while traveling is a major change of scenery — isn't that why we visit new places? No matter how beautiful your place of residence might be, we all grow restless after awhile. Traveling somewhere new gives us a chance to really appreciate a new view... even if that view comes from a coffee shop. 

And thanks to @readysetpto on TikTok, we're getting a glimpse of what's being called the "most scenic coffee shop" in Ireland. Of course, it's impossible to officially make that determination, but after seeing this footage, it seems like we'd be hard pressed to find another with a view this gorgeous.

The outdoor seating at this coffee shop faces the landscape, which allows patrons to really take it all in while they enjoy their drinks and snacks. Located on the Dingle Peninsula, the coffee shop looks out at the water and lush greenery just outside the coffee shop, making it the perfect, most peaceful place we could imagine to start your day. 

According to those who chimed in with their own comments, this coffee shop is called Caifé Na Trá, and if you check out their Instagram account, you see other photos that prove how beautiful the view is. If you're traveling to Ireland, it's definitely worth stopping by, but be aware that the shop closes for the fall and winter season at the end of September and doesn't open again until April, so plan your visit accordingly! 

This is the perfect stop for those who love traveling and coffee alike.