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Video of Scary Yet Beautiful Storm in Switzerland Is Absolutely Captivating

Switzerland is really like nowhere else on earth.

We've seen what nature can do in the form of natural disasters and how scary they can be. After all, even thunderstorms can bring on terrifying thunder and lightning, and we haven't even gotten to hurricanes and tornadoes yet! But in some situations, storms can be beautiful, too.

Just take this video from Switzerland that @outexploring shared on TikTok as an example. A storm is rolling in, but all we can think of is how gorgeous this is. 

Set against a backdrop of eerie dark clouds, we can see the waves lapping as the storm is brewing in this town, Brienz, in Switzerland. The smoke coming off the mountains just adds to the ambiance, and though we know it's definitely time to take shelter for anyone who might have been outside while this was happening, we can't help but notice how even bad weather is breathtaking in Switzerland.

Then again, this is Switzerland we're talking about — it's no surprise that everything, including bad storms, is beautiful there. 

In the comments, the OP agreed that it was a thrill to see in person, but also that the waves looked scarier in person... we're willing to take his word for it on that, especially since it seems this video was taken from a boat! 

One person commented that it was like a "beautiful and terrifying dream," which sums it up pretty nicely.

We wouldn't want to get caught in that storm, but we'd love to see it from a distance!