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Santa Claus' Post Office in North Finland Is Full of Christmas Cheer

Christmas is coming soon, and all over the world children are excitedly awaiting the annual arrival of Santa Claus. Many still write letters to Santa Claus with their gift requests on them- perhaps you did yourself when you were a kid. But could those letters actually be sent anywhere?

Actually, yes- there are a few "Santa Claus Post Offices" around the world, and one, the "Official" Santa Claus Post Office in Rovaniemi, Finland, is actually within the Arctic Circle! They shared a tour inside on their official TikTok account @santaclausmainpostoffice.

Where better to experience Christmas cheer than at Santa's official post office? It's actually a fully functioning post office- you can send mail and parcels through there if you want. And of course, they receive mail as well, including thousands upon thousands of letters to Santa- around half a million every year, according to their website! The office stays in Christmas mode year round and is always staffed by "elves" who stamp all mail with their signature Arctic Circle post mark. 

The post office is part of a greater "Santa Claus Village" in Rovaniemi, too, and once they're done with the post office, there's still plenty more for visitors to do. You can visit Santa Claus' reindeer and even go on reindeer safaris, see the Northern Lights, enjoy dining at the many restaurants and bars, and even visit the Big Man himself at his office, where he shows visitors some of his high-tech secrets- including his Earth's Rotational Speed Regulator. 

Viewers were convinced- this is as legit as it gets. "That is the real Santa Claus home," said @mopojonne60550. "Only in Finland," remarked @codename_frostbite. 

"How I can send a letter to Santa? I think my little sister would love to write a note to Santa!" wondered @airbus_and_viking_line. To write a letter to Santa Claus, make out the address to: Santa Claus' Main Post Office, Tähtikuja 1, 96930 Arctic Circle, Finland. If you go their website here, you can also request a response back from Santa! Merry Christmas!

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