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Video Listing What's Included at 'Sandals' Resort in Jamaica Has Us Ready to Book a Trip

So what exactly is included at an all-inclusive resort? If you've never been to one yourself, you may be wondering what it all entails! It's probably no surprise, but the answer is- they include a whole lot.

One TikTok user, @followmeaway, went into detail about all the cool perks and amenities you can take advantage of when visiting the Sandals South Coast Jamaica all-inclusive resort. To quote the video's description, "Not to spoil the video, but basically everything but airfare is included, and some packages include airfare too!" But don't take our word for it- see for yourself!

My goodness... that really is just about everything! They don't skimp out on you either: top-shelf liquor, gourmet food, exciting activities, and a luxurious hotel stay! Sign us up!

However a few people took her phrasing of these amenities as "free" to task. "Free? Included." corrected user @funinthesun07728. The video's creator responded with "You try saying included for a 30 second voiceover like 5 times and let me know how you get on 😅." LOL! We knew what you meant. Of course there's always a big price tag up-front for any all-inclusive stay, but the upshot is that it's an investment into a great time!

Many commenters shared their own experiences as well! "Were going to Barbados and staying with sandals. Cost us $5400 for 9 nights… flights included. Sounds like a win to me." said user @kathyvangilder14. "My parents have been 3 times and LOVE it, my dad orders room service in the middle of the night "cuz he can" 😂😂." commented user @purplepanda_19. Stop, we're getting jealous!

It might not be the cheapest vacation in the world, but if you can swing the up-front costs, an all-inclusive resort sounds like a relaxing getaway. Plus, these places will often have deals in the slower seasons, so be on the lookout for those!