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Woman's Video of Her Sailing Trip From Spain to England Has People Buzzing

The thought of sailing all over the ocean is something that fills many people with dreams of adventure. For many people, the idea of steering your own ship and charting a course across the waves to anywhere in the world inspires some while intimidating others!

But for those of us who spend most of our time on dry land, we often wonder just what exactly the life of a sailor is like. TikTok user @hannahsailing is a professional sailor who documents her many trips across the ocean with fun videos. On a recent trip sailing from Spain to England, she decided to show us what a day in the life is like for her and her shipmate.

Unsurprisingly, it seems like the life of a sailor is a lot of work! While these ladies get a fair amount of downtime, there's a lot they have to do maintain their ship and follow their course safely- and sleeping in 3-4 hours shifts has got to be tough. It's not for everyone- yet the experience looks very rewarding.

A few commenters razzed her about about her choice for British culinary appreciation. "As a British I've never seen anyone In my life like Marmite or even buy it," chimed in @ur..fav..gurlx. "Marmite is indeed a strong part of British culture! You either hate it or you love it," @adamtyrrells admitted. Due to its strong flavor, many find Marmite to be an... acquired taste. Guess Hannah wants to be ready for anything the British Isles throw at her!

Others had questions about her life out on the open ocean. For example: "Why are the lights red at night?" one user asked. "Such a great question! Red light helps preserve night vision to see what’s around us but still see the equipment we need to use 😁," explained Hannah. "Do you ever feel tired sleeping only like 4 to 5h," wondered @theoutdoorlatina. "Oh yesss always tired!"Hannah admitted, confirming that the life of a full-time sailor doesn't suit those of us that need our full 8 hours. Still, for those who can swing it, what a grand and adventurous way to live.

We loved this glimpse into Hannah's nautical lifestyle. We hope to see more of it!