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Stay-at-Home-Girlfriend's Luxe 'Travel Day' Has Us Saying 'Must Be Nice'

Where did we go wrong in life?

We all know about stay-at-home moms, but what about stay-at-home girlfriends? Thanks to TikTok, we know this is a category that exists, too. Of course, most of these women are at home because their boyfriends make enough money to support them both... and those who choose to share their experience online are giving us a glimpse into a truly unique lifestyle. This is especially true when travel is involved!

Case in point: This stay-at-home girlfriend, @kendelkay, who shared what her "luxe travel day" with her boyfriend looks like. Um... this isn't the stressed out, mad dash to the airport that we're used to! 

She started her day by getting her hair done (and yes, she looked gorgeous). Then, she and her boyfriend headed to the airport, where it looks like they flew first class, of course. Though the background noise was hidden by the music playing in the video, the flight seemed really peaceful, and she got to read a book and have some snacks. Finally, she and her BF landed in Vancouver — where she said in a comment that they were traveling to for the "fall vibes" — and went on to enjoy their trip. 

Yes, we're officially jealous. Both of the stay-at-home girlfriend lifestyle and the smooth and even relaxing travel experience she got to have. Somewhere in our lives, we have gone terribly wrong by not living like she is! 

In the comments, she explained that her boyfriend is the CEO of a PR company, and if you're interested in her lifestyle, her account is filled with videos that explain the whole thing. 

Next time we travel, we'll think of her when we're in that annoying TSA line with our hair (which has not been freshly done) up in a messy bun. She's living the life!