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Video Shares 6 Safe Places for Female Solo Travelers in Europe

While its likely the safest time in history for women to go globe-trotting solo, there are still some areas where it's dangerous for women to travel alone. Female solo travelers planning their adventures depend on knowing where and where not to go to stay safe.

The official TikTok account commonly shares aspirational videos of amazing places to travel to in the world. In this video, however, they focused on their top 6 picks for safest countries in Europe for solo female travelers.

This list is pretty intriguing- it's not all basic selections. Sure, tried-and-true destinations like the UK and Ireland are on there, but they also included options like Slovenia, which often gets overlooked in the discussion of top European destinations. We always enjoy lists like these that stray away from the expected. 

However, not all the advice was received without controversy, and a few knowledgeable world travelers took issue with a couple of the suggestions. "Italy is safe for POC? Naww... I heard other stories about this," @d.ilannnn said. "10000% disagree with Italy and I’ve lived there before and visited multiple times as a WOC," contested @jpark1447. "Did you say Greece is safe??? Where are you getting these stats??" wondered an aghast @ohhimia. 

We have to admit, we were surprised by those two picks ourselves, especially with the high incidence of tourist-targeting scams in Italy and Greece. While these lists can be a good starting point, we always recommend following up with your own, more in-depth research. In the meantime, are there any alternatives we could consider?

"Add Croatia to the list. This is the safest place on earth," suggested @aurora.noa. While that's a slight exaggeration, Croatia is widely regarded as a very safe country for travelers. "The safest options are definitely countries like Norway or Denmark," recommended @geo_20060.

Overall, Europe has a wealth of excellent travel destinations for female solo travelers to safely enjoy. However, even lists like these aren't always 100% perfect. While many women still choose to solo travel in places like Italy and Greece, you might want to take extra safety measures into account. As always, do your research before you travel- and don't forget to enjoy yourself.

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