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Obscure 'Park of Monsters' in Italy Is Creepy Yet Fascinating

Typically when we discuss iconic figures of European sculptural art, we think of elegant, lovingly-carved statues such as Michelangelo's David and the Venus de Milo. However, not all sculptures and statues were designed to commemorate the classically beautiful. One obscure sculture park in Italy celebrates the ghoulish and grotesque in an eerily enchanting way.

Sacro Bosco, often called "the Park of Monsters" is a park built in the 16th century in Italy full of grotesque sculptures and crooked constructions. Gothic globetrotter @teaontombstones recounts its long history and takes us inside!

To think that such a bizarre but beautiful gem almost fell into total obscurity is so sad. It's such a wonderful stroke of luck that Salvador Dali, of all people, was able to bring attention to this iconic park, leading to its well-deserved restoration. The park is haunting, surreal, and sometimes disturbing, reflecting a darker side of classical European art that is often overshadowed by its more elegant and glamorous figureheads. Even so, it's lovely in its unabashed weirdness. Sacro Bosco is a creepy yet fascinating gem with a weird charm all of its own. Beyond the weird, twisted sculptures themselves, it also just looks like a really lovely place to enjoy a walk or a picnic- and isn't that what you want from a good park, after all?

Even after its restoration, this place is still relatively obscure, which makes it all the more cool that @teaontombstones used her platform to highlight this hidden gem. "Thank you for sharing this," appreciated @kimchurchill568. "Absolute beauty ...putting it on my bucketlist," @lady_of_the_opera stated. "Stunning place!" admired @silvander.

Sacro Bosco is in Bomarzo, just a bit over an hour north of Rome by car or train. If you're visiting that part of Italy, it's a truly strange yet spectacular place to spend a day exploring. 

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