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Video of the 'Coldest City on Earth' Has Us Saying 'Brrr'

We all complain about the cold a little during the winter- especially when we're out in it. It's hard not to grump about the chill when you're shoveling snow off the sidewalk or waiting for your dog to sniff out his bathroom spot in the backyard. As chilly as things get in the winter, though, no other city in the world has it as bad as the Siberian city of Yakutsk, Russia

TikTok user @romac274 is originally from Yakutsk herself. In this video, she takes us on a trip home to the Coldest City On Earth. 

All we can say to that is- brrr... 

In the winter, Yakutsk gets down to frigid temps at an average of about -40 C (which, funny enough, also comes out to -40 F). The coldest temperature ever recorded there, however, was a chillingly low -64.4 C... that's-83.9 F!!! To put that in perspective, she said that cars don't start at around just -30 C. That's really freakin' cold!!! 

Those temperature extremes really put things into perspective for the rest of us. "I used to keep Yakutsk weather on my phone weather app so I could feel better if it was freezing here," recounted one user. "I live & work in Ulaanbaatar. I thought it was cold, but Yakutsk is much colder!!!" marveled @remithetortie. 

"I met people from there on a dance championship in Bulgaria. They only went out until 9 am and after it was already dark at night bc they couldn’t manage the heat. They were very friendly tho. We spent a lot of time together in the hotel. Their rooms were freezing bc of the ac," @g48by recalled their experiences meeting some locals. We can't blame them for getting overheated in what we would consider to be "normal" weather! 

Point is, if you ever start feeling sad about the winter cold in your city, just remember how frigid it gets in Yakutsk, Siberia. We have a feeling you'll start feeling warm again right away!

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