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Video of 60,000 Rubber Ducks Being Dumped Into Chicago River Is Something Else

It's a common sight to see ducks happily swimming and floating down a river. However, that's referring to live ducks. It's much less common to see a RUBBER duck floating down the river...much less 60,000 of them!

This sight might be a bit more familiar to you if you live in Chicago, though. Every year, tens of thousands of rubber ducks are dumped straight into the Chicago River as part of the Chicago Duck Derby. TikTok user @foodbychicago captured the start of this year's derby on video. The sight of them being dumped from the back of a truck makes it look like a yellow waterfall!

That's a pretty cool sight to see and all, but still... why? In the video's description, @foodbychicago says "Relax, they’re rubber ducks. 😎 it's for a good cause." WHAT CAUSE?! The video's creator did not clarify.

Luckily, some commenters helpfully explained the purpose of the Duck Derby. "It’s a fundraiser for people with special needs. Each duck someone pays $5 for and whoever wins the race wins the prize and the money is donated," explained user @ashley.dame12. Aw, now that's sincerely very cool.

Of course, with all of that plastic going into the water, people were naturally worried about pollution. "They just b puttin any thing in there huh" quipped user @lowhangingfruit5. "Dave Matthew band in town" joked user @rbawsum, referencing the time the Dave Matthews Band emptied their tour bus's septic tank over a passenger boat in the Chicago River...not the nicest mental image to associate with these ducks.

But don't worry- the ducks don't stay in the water long. As user @tylercimi explains, "It’s not pollution. Those yellow floating lines in the water are nets to help trap them. They then pick up all of them up and reuse them next year." We love that! Reduce, reuse, recycle... raise money for charity!

This Duck Derby is absolutely adorable, lowkey hilarious, and raises tons of money each year for a great cause. What's not to love?