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Organist Shares 'Proof' That Concert Hall in London Is Haunted

The evidence is pretty tough to deny.

Paranormal experts will claim that there are haunted places all over the world, if you just know where to find them... and it's not surprising that London is one of them. After all, if you believe in ghosts and spirits, you have to admit that the amount of history that can be found there lends itself to that idea. You're telling us that a city that is about 2,000 years old doesn't have ghosts? 

If you're visiting soon and want to know where to find one yourself, after seeing this TikTok video from organist @annalapwoodorgan, we'd say that the Royal Albert Hall is a pretty safe place to look. She shared a video with proof that the concert hall is haunted, and it looks pretty undeniable to us... 

She says that she arrived to work to discover that the organ is playing itself, and yeah... that's exactly what's happening in this video. We can see clearly that no one is in the hall, and the organ has been left totally unattended, and yet... music is playing. Wild.

The funniest part is that the organ stopped playing as she got closer, almost as if she frightened off the ghost. Poor thing! 

In the comments, there were plenty of references to Phantom of the Opera, along with those realists among us saying that someone must have been in the pipe room, making those sounds. Others were quicker to believe, though.

"The toot from the organ when it realized you were there and stopped is both hilarious and terrifying," one person wrote.

Sure, it could have been maintenance... or it could have been an actual ghost playing the organ, which is what we prefer to believe. We just hope she didn't get too spooked to work!