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Woman Shares the Reality of Sitting Directly Behind First Class and It's Spot-On

We've all been there.

While just about everyone would only fly first class if we could afford it, for most of us, it's not realistic — at least, not for every flight. That means that, as we shuffle on over to our cramped seats in economy, we're giving those in first class a bit of side-eye. It must be nice to have so much leg room!

And if you know what it feels like to feel a little bitter towards those in first class while the stranger sitting next to you is encroaching on your personal space in the back of the plane, this TikTok from @luxury_traveler is very likely to resonate with you. She's sitting in the row behind first class, and boy is it brutal.

It's actually kind of hilarious to see it from this perspective, because we can clearly see that, where she's sitting, her leg is touching the back of the seat in front of her, while just feet away, people are sitting in big, comfy seats with plenty of room to spread out. It's almost like they're bragging!

"Me eating Panera watching them get served a 3 course hot meal," this sad traveler captioned her video.

Fortunately, she's definitely not alone in her envious feelings. Plenty of commenters on the video felt the same way! 

"I was on premium economy and saw literally the crew serving them juice before take off," one person commiserated.

Maybe she'll get to fly in first class next time... but this time, at least she knows she stuck to her budget?