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Sightseeing Ride on NYC's Roosevelt Island Tramway Is Spectacular

If you're planning your first ever visit to New York City, you're probably already deciding on sightseeing activities. A walk through Times Square? A visit atop the Empire State Building? We've got one for you- why not take a ride on the Roosevelt Island Tramway?

Traveling between Roosevelt Island and Manhattan's Upper East Side, this aerial tramway offers its passengers a truly unique perspective of the Big Apple. The team behind the NYC TikTok account @newyorkbucketlist brings us aboard!

As incredible as this tramway is, a lot of first-time visitors don't know about it because it's not nearly as well covered as many of New York's other highlights. This tramway made history as the first commuter aerial tramway in the US when it first opened in 1976. Because it's used as public transport, it isn't expensive to ride- as they demonstrated in the video, it's only $2.75. Unlike a trip on the subway, though, a trip on the tramway gives you some absolutely mind-boggling aerial views of Manhattan- it's truly a spectacular sightseeing experience.

Folks familiar with the underappreciated New York gem raved about it. "Def agree. Great if you have little kids because it’s cheap and hella fun. And the island is fun to explore - no cars and fun activities!" said @fakenotdaniel. "Excellent advice. I’ve done this and the views were wonderful," agreed @robyndsekula."So so good. I am unable to take just one ride always have to take a few in a row. It's spectacular at twilight with the city lights," @trc381 added. 

We'd like to offer one caveat for interested potential visitors, though: the Roosevelt Island Tramway is still primarily intended for commuter transport, first and foremost. As such, it gets pretty busy around typical rush hours, such as early mornings and late afternoons during the week. You probably don't want to have to compete with the crowds for the perfect view- and let's be honest, those commuters probably wouldn't enjoy being crowded by tourists themselves. 

With all that in mind, if you want the ideal tramway experience, travel during the slower periods throughout the day. You'll have ample space and time to enjoy the fantastic New York views the aerial tramway has to offer!

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