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Mom's Hack for Staying Hydrated in Rome Has People Talking

Not everyone is a fan of this trick.

Living in America, it's not uncommon to see drinking fountains (and sometimes, if we're lucky, bottle refilling stations) in public areas, but in Europe, seeing drinking water fountains around happens way more frequently. This includes cities like Rome, where there are literally thousands of fountains for travelers to discover.

And now that one TikTok user, @bringthekidstravel, is sharing a hack she figured out for the fountains in Rome, people are having mixed feelings about it. While it's definitely a useful tip, it doesn't exactly sound like fellow travelers are lining up to try it for themselves.

"Did you know that if you cover the bottom of the tap of the fountains in Rome you can drink directly from the top?" she wrote in the video's caption, demonstrating how it's done.

She's right — covering the bottom makes the water spring out through a hole in the top of the tap, allowing visitors to drink water the way they do out of more modern drinking fountains. 

People aren't loving it, though. In fact, many are downright skeptical about drinking this water at all. 

"I’ve been to enough places to know not to drink water from a fountain," one person wrote.

Another chimed in, "what a great way to get every disease known to man (and probably some unknown too)." 

It seems like this water is perfectly safe to consume, even if it's different from what we're used to in the US. When in Rome...