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Man Mistakenly Thinks He's About to Be Kidnapped in Rome and the Story Is Priceless

Planning a trip abroad? Maybe steer clear of watching movies like Taken before you go. While it's smart to be wary and have your wits about you when visiting an unfamiliar place, you can take things too far in the other direction and become overly paranoid!

Alright... to be fair to our subject, TikTok comedian @youthpastorryan, we also probably would have been startled by what happened. This is his story of how he thought he was about to be kidnapped from his hotel room in Rome- and what actually happened!

Ryan said it best in the description: "So moral of the story, don’t pull all random cords!" We can excuse his ignorance somewhat, though- emergency shower cords really aren't a thing in most American hotels, although they honestly really should be. A slip and fall in the shower can take you out, even if you aren't elderly! Also, it's a bit of a stereotype regarding American tourists that we're all a little clueless- what can you do. Considering his ignorance about the cord's purpose, though, we can't blame him for thinking he was about to be kidnapped- we would have been shocked as well! 

If Ryan had experience in the medical field, he might have recognized what the cord was for sooner. "It's the same cord they have in hospital bathrooms," remarked @divergirldee. "I worked in a hospital for a few years. That’s the "I’ve fallen and cannot get up" cord," shared @rothenstien. "All of us in the medical field said a collective "oh no" when you said you pulled the cord," admitted @fuzzbuttsofswdc. LOL!

In Europe, however, these cords aren't limited to hospitals and nursing homes- though they're usually better labeled. "There definitely should be a sign on that cord," @ronnietheballoongirl pointed out. "They have that in many hotels in Europe and it is usually written “emergency help”," said @mactwist99. "This cord is universal but it's supposed to be red and marked,' explained @jim1667. If nothing else, at least mark these cords for us American tourists... we can be a bit slow on the uptake.

We kinda hope that emergency cords in hotel showers become more of a thing here in the States- they could potentially save a life. In the meantime, though, if you're vacationing in Europe and see a cord in your shower, unless you've actually fallen and can't get up- don't pull that cord!

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