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This $3 'Tropical Vacation' In Rochester, NY Is Almost Too Good to Be True

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How does going on a tropical vacation for only $3 located in New York sound? Sounds too good to be true, right? Nope! We've discovered this gem of a place where you can warm up from the snow year round and find a summer vibe during the heart of winter and the freezing snow.

Sign us up! Come with TikTok video creator @rocthecitywithhope as she shares this very 'warm and inviting' destination. And get this, it really is in New York! 

The Lamberton Conservatory located in Rochester, New York is a beautiful, glass-enclosed dome facility that is host to collections of exotic and tropical floral displays. The Conservatory is climate-controlled, so the lush and colorful plants such as banana and coffee trees can flourish and thrive. You'll instantly feel transported to a beautiful paradise, even in the heart of winter.

TikTok fans are here for it. User @towandacaroline says, "I love when it’s decorated for the holiday season, makes it even more special!" It really does sound lovely. Another viewer, @carrieoutdoors writes, "Such a great spot to go on a freezing cold Rochester winter day!" Brrrrr, we agree, it certainly sounds like a great escape from the freezing temps. Commenter @lezbriihonest states, "I’m obsessed with the tropical section! It’s so cozy."

We cant promise you'll need to pack your bathing suits and sunscreen, but for the $3 admission ticket, you will enjoy a warm and sunny 'feel' for the day. We'll take one pina colada, please.

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