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Woman Shares Important Warning After Almost Getting Robbed in Paris

Millions of travelers flock to Paris each year to enjoy the fabulous city. It's no doubt one of the top destination spots in the world! Unfortunately, when there is mass tourism, that sadly brings on the darker side of a city, which is the robbing and scamming of visitors. One's safety is paramount, and being cautious and aware is a 'must'.

We appreciate TikTok video creator @americanfille for sharing a few smart tips to avoid getting scammed and/or robbed while in Paris. Has this ever happened to you? 

Ugh. How frustrating! We're so glad she shared this important warning. TikTok fans are in agreement with her and are more than happy to share travel tips, especially when it comes to safety! User @philant2022 writes, "The INSTANT anyone approaches or speaks to you - you should AUTOMATICALLY be suspicious... in ANY country! Stay safe!!" We absolutely concur that safety is key! Unfortunately, you can't let your guard down. EVER! 

Fan @trixie_vixie adds, "I have a hole in my pocket so any pickpocket can touch but they won’t find anything if they reach inside. My phone is literally inside my coat."  Commenter @liriqos simply said, "Thanks for this." We'll all remember these tips next time we're traveling, internationally or domestically.

Taking trips is something we all love, and Paris is just another reason why! It's a fabulous, unique, gorgeous destination, and one of the most wonderful places in the world. Please enjoy everything Paris has to offer, all while being mindful of your situation and surroundings. C'est La Vie!

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