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Dad's Room Tour From the 'Ritz' in Paris Has Us Green With Envy

It's hard to imagine a place more luxurious than Paris. This timeless city is synonymous with style, from the architecture to the fashion- to hotel design! The iconic Ritz Paris hotel is an incredible example of timelessness meeting modern luxury.

TikTok user @timmchiusano stayed at the Ritz Paris with his family. To say that their room was nice doesn't even begin to cover it. This might take the award for the loveliest hotel suite we've ever seen!

Our jaws were on the floor watching this. Every part of this suite is luxurious and magnificent down to the smallest fixtures. The shower alone is to die for! The suite, as well as the hotel itself, has a vintage, almost 1920s-1930s look to it, but without feeling dated at all. We don't want to admit what we'd do for a night here!

"Hard to believe this is only 800 sq ft," remarked @erwinandco in the comments. That's another marvel about the suite- it makes stunning use of its space! "This interior designer is everything I hope to achieve as a designer. Story through finishes and features," admired @sarahzahnn.

"I went into debt just watching this," mused @sfnesbit. Yeah, this room is definitely a flex. However, Tim isn't too bougie to miss a opportunity for a great Billy Madison reference! "“Stahp looking at me swannnn!!!” 😂😂😂," @taylornotswift95 quipped back. LOL, OK, now we're not going to be able to take the swan fixtures seriously! Good thing we're probably not staying at the Ritz any time soon...

This is hotel suite goals! If we find a hotel room half as nice as this once on our next trip, we'd consider ourselves lucky!