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Video Revealing the Truth About 'The Ritz' in Paris Is a Real Eye-Opener

We had absolutely NO idea.

When most people think of the Ritz-Carlton, they think of fancy (and sometimes expensive) places to stay with all the amenities you'd expect out of a luxury hotel. We also know it's a chain, with locations all over the world. Out of all of those locations, though, Paris isn't included, even though Paris does have a Ritz Hotel.

Confused yet? Let us explain what's going on here — or, let @meghandono explain in the TikTok video she shared that cleared up some misconceptions that people have about this famous hotel. 

Despite the fact that Ritz-Carlton hotels are often known as "The Ritz," that doesn't apply to the one in Paris. Yes, in the famous city, there is a Ritz Hotel... but it has nothing to do with the American-based chain (even though it does look pretty classy). 

According to the video, the Ritz in Paris, which is over 100 years old, is actually named for hotelier Cesar Ritz. But don't let the lack of brand recognition scare you off; in the clips that this traveler shared in her video, it looks like this hotel is just as luxurious and a gorgeous place to stay. Coco Chanel even has a suite there named after her since she was once a resident.

The Ritz is most definitely a splurge; most nights, rooms will cost thousands of dollars for those who are lucky enough to stay there. If you aren't planning to cough up that kind of cash, you can stop by and have afternoon tea and check it out without being a guest.

This place is beautiful... and they're giving the other Ritz a run for their money.

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