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Amazing New Museum Experience in NYC Is Unlike Anything the City's Had Before

New York City is packed full of incredible museums, from iconic institutions like the MoMA and The Met to smaller, hole-in-the-wall gems like the newly opened Museum of Broadway. One museum, however, is unique for its ride components, putting its guests into an immersive experience unlike anything the city's had before.

That museum is RiseNY, a captivating experience that takes its guests from the subways to the skies. NYC travel vlogger @savannahvinsonn takes us inside and brings us along for the ride!

The high-concept NYC museum is truly amazing! We loved how immersive and interactive everything was- it almost serves as a quick tour of some of NYC's biggest highlights, not just in terms of its landmarks but its cultural impact as well. By far though, the coolest part was the incredible ride that sends you flying over the skyline of Manhattan. If you've enjoyed Disney's Soarin' ride in Epcot before, you'll probably get a real kick out of this- it's more or less the same concept and basic design, only it sends guests soaring over the Big Apple instead of California. Oh, by the way, though this information wasn't included in the video, it's also narrated by Jeff Goldblum- another bonus in our books. 

"All that for only $29, that’s really cool," admired @gabbycerbin. "Omg! They used to have this ride inside of the Empire State Building and closed it. Now I’ve found it again with more than just the flying experience!!" said @stargirl1818. "This is what I was looking for when I went over the summer. Like a museum dedicated to NYC," @mickeyd33949 approved. 

Combining an immersive ride experience with a fun and engaging walkthrough of New York's history, RiseNY is a fun and immersive experience sure to charm visitors. Tickets, info, and more can be found on their website here.

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