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Man's Funny Video About Being Totally Over His Kayaking Trip Cracks Us Up

Some people are super into outdoor activities- they love the fresh air, physical exertion, and staying active. Not every person is like that, though. Some people would rather relax on their trip. That's fine too- but it's important to know your limits before you commit to anything!

TikTok user @ambiguousrace was on a trip with his boyfriend when the two of them decided to rent a couple of kayaks and get out on the water. Sounds fun, right? They likely thought so too- until they were actually out on their kayaks.

LMAO! Thank heavens for smartphones, right? We totally get not wanting to just turn around and bring back the kayaks super early- it's admitting that you've given up, and no one wants to be that person. In the video's description, he adds: "We also stupidly decided not to bring alcohol because we were hungover this morning but now we regret it." Honestly, committing to renting out kayaks while you're recovering from a hangover is already a bold choice by itself! What a predicament!

"No cuz when you return it early they always hit you with the 'weren’t you guys having fun!?'" commented @reesespieces7_up. Right? What's with all the pressure? "No alcohol and swimming, that’s how a beach boy died! Also, how is your phone not overheating?" wondered @meghaninbed. I mean, we agree- it looks super hot and bright out there. We don't think we would last the final 90 minutes. Neither would user @nadster008: "Been there. But in my case, I just said eff it, and returned it 3 hours earlier 😂."

What's the moral of this story? If you're going to rent a kayak or other similar craft, either be fully mentally and physically prepared to enjoy yourself the entire time, or be ready to swallow your pride if you have to tap out early!