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Renaissance Faire-Themed Cruise Vacation Is a Stylish Trip to the Past

While most people book cruises for themselves or their families to have fun in the sun, specially-themed group cruises are popular among certain communities. Themed group cruise trips are big with alternative lifestylers, cosplayers, and- the Renaissance Faire crowd?

You better believe it! The Ren Cruise is an annual Renaissance Faire-themed cruise event that brings song, swords, and sorcery to the high seas in style. Professional cosplayer @meganciafre had a blast sailing the seven seas with them this year!

While the idea of a Renaissance Faire-themed cruise seemed kind of out there at first, the more we watched this, the more it made perfect sense. Think of all the pirates, Vikings, and drunken sailors you see at Renaissance Faires- the high seas are their natural habitat! So why not take all the fun and festivity of a Ren Faire on board a cruise? Sure, there might be fewer jousting competitions than normal, but as Megan showed from just her first day of the cruise, there's no shortage of themed fun to be had! 

Typically people go to the Renaissance Faire of their own accord, but the Ren Cruise is bringing the Ren Faire experience to the people... because they have to share the ship with regular cruisegoers as well. "I’m just so surprised there was a simultaneous regular cruise. Can you imagine stumbling into the Renn part on accident after a few too many???" chuckled @aclotheshorse. Oh boy, the possibilities for hilarity are endless!

In all seriousness, though, the Ren Cruise is a fun time even for the "normies" on board. "I took a cruise at the same time as the Ren Cruise last year and you guys are absolutely amazing. I hope you have so much fun," @sorayachrochets replied. Sounds like this crew spreads merriment wherever they go!

This unique trip idea was a winner even for those who aren't usually tempted by the prospect of cruising. "A WHAT?! A cruise AND a Ren Faire?! I'm sold," @peachyjade23 declared. "This is the only time a cruise has tempted me," admitted @peaceloveandzombiez.

If you're intrigued and wondering if you have enough time to dust off your chain-mail bathing suit and leather-bound boogie board before the next trip, don't worry. The Ren Cruise doesn't set sail again until February 2024. If you wish to set sail the next time they embark, you can find tickets and info here! Huzzah! 

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