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Woman's Joke About Remote Workers' Summer Attitudes Is Totally On-Point

While these past few years have been very hard and have had many dark moments, one of the few good things to come out of the pandemic is that it has made work-from-home jobs much more widely available than it was before! This has eliminated tons of concerns for many workers: no need to worry about long commutes, expensive daycares, and dress codes if you can do your job from the comfort of your home!

Of course, not all remote workers work strictly at home. With the summer heat sweltering and the beaches calling our names, some WFH workers are taking their jobs to the great outdoors. TikTok user @averyncmm shows us how she gets down to work, even while she's catching some rays at the beach!

Avery is out here showing us how it's done! You can have a lot of fun with your work when you're not confined to a typical work environment. And really- as long as the work gets done right, who cares where you are while you're doing it? Many remote workers rejoiced that their company supports this mindset, too: "I'm so glad my company doesn't care where we go as long as you're working while on the clock," shared @trem970.

Avery's unconventional workspce had many people jealous! "3 years later and im still scared to do this 😂," admitted @vidaliarambo. "This is way too specific. Only thing that’s stopping me is the wind…if we can get a a wind sound blocking feature…game over," said @meldotdilo. Don't they make microphones for that? The sooner you get one, the sooner you can be on the sand!

We gotta wonder, though- what was that contraption she was working with? "Wait what r u using, is that like a monitor attachment for your laptop? NEED," responded @urmomsaidshelikesme. "It’s called @the_xebec ! I have it linked!" shared Avery. We've linked it, too, for anyone interested- it adds two extra screens to your laptop! We wonder if it helps with the glare... that's pretty important when you're working from the beach!

The folks behind @the_xebec clearly appreciated the shout out: "We support Work From Beach 😉." Even @microsoft came to admire Avery's style: "why WFH when you can WFB." Why indeed!