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Woman Finds Cutest Surprise While Snorkeling in Jamaica and We're Obsessed

One of the best parts of visiting any Caribbean island is getting in the water and going snorkeling. The waters of the Caribbean are teeming with a diverse array of ocean life- not just the typical tropical fish you might expect, but also other, more surprising creatures as well!

When TikTok travel influencer @jennieventures took a trip to Negril, Jamaica, she did a bit of snorkeling. Underneath the waters, though, she found the cutest surprise!

OMG! They're so tiny! Absolutely adorable! We thought at first that these might be babies, but no- Caribbean reef squids only grow to be about 8 inches long, so these are likely full-grown adults! Up till now, we didn't even know that squids lived in the Caribbean. They're surprisingly adorable- what a delightful surprise.

We weren't the only ones surprised and charmed by the adorable reef life. "They look like baby cuttlefish! Sooo cute!" said @bluedraconis. "Just having a synchronized swimming class,' remarked @averagemoss. "Stop this is my literal dream, they’re so cute," admired @sofia.wagner18.

Some previous visitors to the Caribbean had encountered these cute little guys before. "Yes!!!! No one knows what I’m talking about them!! They swim up and all check u out like they’re amazed," @karatechick45 commented. "Wait, I saw these snorkeling in Bermuda and I thought they were aliens. I was 12 and nobody snorkeling with me believed me," recalled @mary.rose1102. LOL! They certainly are sort of alien-like... we can excuse a kid for thinking that they might not be of this earth!

There's so much to discover in our oceans, and if you go out looking for them, you just might encounter joyful little surprises like this one!

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