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Video of Snowy Concert at 'Red Rocks' Near Denver Is Just Magical

Colorado is full of stunning red rock formations- one only needs to take a trip to the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs to see some firsthand. You don't need to hike to see incredible red rock formations up close, though. The state's most iconic amphitheater, Red Rocks near Denver, is carved out of a giant rock formation!

Being an outdoor venue, it's also subject to changes in the weather around it. During a recent Zach Bryan concert at Red Rocks, TikTok user @carolinecolombo22 captured a magical scene.

This must have elevated the experience to a whole new level for the concertgoers. The already majestic and imposing structure of the Red Rocks amphitheater, the gentle falling snow, the communal vibe of the crowd, and the ethereal music come together to make for a transcendent experience. We can only imagine what it was like to be there in person- Caroline herself described the experience as "absolutely insane" in the description. That being said, we hope everyone there bundled up warmly for the frigid forecast!

"Ahh! I have always wanted to see a concert there, but a snowy concert never crossed my mind," remarked @craycrayshayshay77. Others who had experienced a snowy concert at Red Rocks attested to it being otherworldly and unreal. "Red Rocks in the snow is incredible! I saw Florence and The Machine there during a blizzard. It’s the most magical place," reminisced @earth_2brittany. "There isn’t a person in that crowd who won’t remember that exact moment for the rest of their lives," agreed @aerionbrightflame.

"Red Rocks is in my backyard and this makes me realize I take that magical place for granted. Amazing," @carlarado1111 admired. Even when it isn't snowing, Red Rocks is a truly special place to enjoy world-class performances while taking in the wild natural beauty of Colorado. It's really something to see.

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