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Cruise Ship Worker Shares Top 3 Reasons to Work on a Ship

He has us totally sold!

No matter what job you do on a cruise ship, working in that environment is so different from working anywhere else. After all, most jobs that we can think of are on land... and that's just the beginning of where these types of work differ. Though spending extended amounts of time on a giant boat out at sea isn't for everyone, it might be the perfect gig for someone who loves travel to consider! 

If you're looking for a change of pace, you should think about applying to work on a cruise — at least, that's what cruise ship worker seems to think! In a TikTok video, he shared the top three reasons he loves his job on board the Wonder of the Seas, and if we can have as much fun as he's having, we'd totally do it! 

In the beginning of his video, this cruise ship musician did admit that his job means he spends 11 months out of the year living in a tiny cabin, but it sounds like that's just a small sacrifice for everything he's gained while having this job — one he calls "one of the best jobs on the planet." 

So what are his top three reasons he believes this? First, his job only requires him to perform three hours a day, and he saves thousands of dollars every month by not having to pay rent, buy groceries, or pay for traditional bills that he would if he was living in an apartment or a house. 

Second, it requires no prior training, so he admitted that he wished he'd started his cruise career a decade sooner. "It seriously feels like I'm being paid to be on a permanent vacation," he admitted. 

Finally, he emphasized that no college degree is needed, and this job allows him to travel the world. It would be a great way to avoid that student debt! 

Being on a permanent vacation while also not paying rent sounds ideal to us. Anyone else ready to apply?