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Couple's Hilarious Video About the Reality of Vacations With Kids Really Hits Home

This couldn't be more spot-on!

Parents should really band together and find a new name for trips we take with our kids, because most of us have learned the hard way that traveling with children is not a vacation. It's mostly just parenting in a different (and sometimes, more dangerous) location, and though it can be a lot of fun, it can also be really stressful. 

And as one dad, @leansquad1, shared on TikTok, the entire adventure can end up being a bit overwhelming for everyone involved. Somehow, this video from his family vacation perfectly captures the total chaos that our kids descend into when traveling. We have never related to a video more! 

We do have to give these parents credit for traveling with three children under the age of four, including twin toddlers — that takes guts. All the screaming on the plane, the early wake ups, the tantrums on the beach... yeah, most of us have been there before. This must be one of those universal parenting experiences. 

Unsurprisingly, thousands of people (including singer Michael Bublé) have commented on the video to share exactly how much they relate to this footage. 

One fellow parent wrote, "Thank you for being real. I’m tired of seeing all of these 'amazing' family vacations where their children are angels." 

"I had baby fever before this. Thank you for curing it," someone else chimed in.

"Emotional damage," indeed... but somehow, we just keep traveling with our kids anyway. It might be mass chaos, but it also results in some memories we'd never trade for the world.

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